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Thank you for visiting this survey to express your interest in Devon's Sustainability and Transformation Plan and Acute Services Review.

This survey asks for your feedback on the STP so that we can continually improve our information and your involvement in Devon's plans. 

The second part of the survey asks for your feedback on whether we have captured the right decision-making criteria for the Acute Services Review.

You can find more information about the STP and Acute Services Review, including public meetings and engagement events, on

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* 2. Feedback on the Sustainability and Transformation Plan.

If you haven't attended a meeting or would like a recap please visit our website to read about Devon's STP.

Do you feel we have explained Devon's STP well enough?

* 3. Have you any unanswered questions or something you remain unsure about?

* 4. Of the seven priorities of the STP are there any you are particularly interested in? (please tick all that apply and leave your contact details at the end of this survey so we can be in contact)

* 5. Feedback on the Acute Services Review

Do you understand the challenges that have been highlighted in the three service reviews (maternity, stroke and urgent care)?

* 6. Do you have any questions about this review of the three acute services?

* 7. Looking at the suggested list of decision-making criteria, what do you think is important in each area?

Patient safety....

* 8. Service quality, patient outcomes and proven clinical benefit

* 9. Access to services, as measured by both waiting times and travel times

* 10. Service sustainability (e.g workforce)

* 11. Staff training and development of future clinicians

* 12. Cost-effectiveness

* 13. Patient choice

* 14. Patient/service user experience

* 15. Have we missed a decision-making criteria that is important to you?

* 16. Do you want to remove any of the criteria from our list? If yes, please state which one with your reasons why in the comments box.

* 17. Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

* 18. About you:

It will help us ensure we have asked a geographically and demographically representative sample of the local population if you could complete these details.

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