WHAT is second hand smoke?
Second hand smoke is smoke that is breathed in from other peoples tobacco smoke.  It is caused by smoke that is blown out when someone is smoking or it comes from the tip of a cigarette that has been left to burn.
WHY should I worry about the dangers of second hand smoke?We all want the best for our family and friends so make sure you protect them from the effects of second hand smokeChildren and Babies who live in homes or travel in cars where people smoke have a greater chance of:

                     becoming ill with coughs and ear infections
                     suffering from on-going chest problems such
                     as wheezing, asthma and bronchitis

                     dying from cot death (Sudden Infant Death
                     Syndrome - SIDS).

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NHS Forth Valley is committed to ensuring that all our children have the best start in life and are protected from the harmful effects of tobacco smoke.
To help protect friends, family and your pets from tobacco smoke please complete this short survey.  Thank you
*Images by kind permission of ASH Scotland. Produced - March 2016