Following the decision by Whippet Buses to end local bus services between St Ives and surrounding villages, the County Council arranged a one-year contract to continue the majority of these services and is now carrying out a review into the longer term provision of services.

To provide input into this review St Ives Town Council is asking residents to indicate the regular journeys that they make and what bus services they use or would like to see. 

Thank you for helping us help you by completing this survey.

* 1. Travel Patterns: how often to you travel to the following destinations by any means? Indicate in the last column the destinations for which you use the bus on the majority of your trips.

  3-5 Times Per Week 1-2 Times Per Week 1-2 Times Per Month Once a Month A Few Times Per Year Use The Bus?
St Ives Town Centre
St Ives Industrial Estate
Huntingdon Town Centre
Huntingdon Industrial Area
Hinchingbrooke Hospital/ Huntingdon Rail Station
Cambridge City Centre
Cambridge Science Park
Addenbrooke's Hospital
Cambourne/ St Neots
Villages Around St Ives (please state which in the 'Other' box below)
Other regular work/ shopping trips to places not listed (please specify in the 'Other' box below)

* 2. Overall how often do you use the bus?

* 3. What are your main purposes for using the bus? (tick all that apply)

* 4. In which of these age groups are you?

* 5. Are you....?

* 6. For bus users, do you have alternative means of transport available? (Please specify)

* 7. Are there any improvements needed that would encourage you to use the bus or use it more often?

* 8. Name and Address (optional)). A village name if you don’t live in St Ives would be helpful. Information will not be passed on to others.