In the UK we eat out on average 1.5 times a week, spending up to £53 per meal in restaurants and on takeaway foods. The quality of this food matters, and although genetically modified food and ingredients (GMOs) may be relevant to issues of traceability, sustainability and provenance, they are rarely part of the conversation. By answering the questions below you can help us make sure that your voice is heard by chefs, caterers and others in the food service industry.

* 1. Do you believe GMOs are safe to eat?

* 2. Apart from safety, are there other reasons why you would not want to eat genetically modified food? Please tick all that apply.

* 3. Chefs and caterers who use genetically modified ingredients, including meat and dairy from GM-fed livestock, should indicate this clearly on menus and websites.

* 4. If an establishment's menu indicated that GMO ingredients were used, would you:

* 5. I would consider paying more for a meal that was guaranteed to be GMO-free.

* 6. As a customer I believe that GMOs deserve greater consideration as part of traceability, sustainability and provenance issues in the food chain.

* 7. When you eat out, which of the following do you patronise? Please tick all that apply.

* 8. My message about GMOs to chefs, caterers, hoteliers and others in the food service industry is:

* 10. I would like to be added to the Beyond GM mailing list: