Why have a Strategic Plan for Staveley?
From the perspective of the Parish Council this plan is to provide a more strategic backdrop for prioritising effort and responding to opportunities as they arise.
It will allow us to be more pro-active in terms of having a ‘to do list’ and assists in having a joined up approach to integrating different projects.

The aim is to look 10-15 years future at the needs of the Parish (in particular Staveley Village as it’s service centre). We will identify in this plan projects that are realistic and deliverable in that time frame.

Delivering the Plan.
The Parish Council is responsible for oversight of the plan however work and liaison with other agencies such as SLDC, LDNPA and Cumbria Highways is essential for moving towards the goals identified in the plan.

Public Consultation:
As representatives of the people of Staveley and Ings the Parish Council is keen to hear comments, ideas and opinions as to the future development of the area whether already in our 'draft' plan or not.

There isn't enough room on this survey software to include all the maps and resources that might help you with completing the questionnaire. So we have put them on the Parish Council Website. Of particular note there is a power point document there of a 'draft' plan that summarises many of the ideas we have been discussing on the Council. It's a great starting point to address the issues affecting the Parish in the future.
You can find the documents here:

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* 1. What is your Connection to Staveley and Ings?

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* 2. Do you think it is worthwhile developing a 10-15 year strategic plan for the parish?

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* 3. What would you like to see in the plan?

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* 4. Of all the issues, what is the most important to you?

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* 5. Do you have any comments on how the process should work?