what really works in public service transformation

'Transformation' is a concept that has become muddled and foxed. The word is so overused that it risks becoming meaningless. Yet never has transformation of the way public services are delivered been more vital. We desperately need to know how the real transformation works.

We can’t afford to still be having the same conversations about transformation in five years’ time as we're having now. And the communities and citizens we serve can't afford this either. There is a huge need to go beyond admiring the problems and pitfalls found in the different technical niches and backwaters of 'transformation', to put meaningful action into practice.

The mission that lies behind our report, which will be published at a conference in May 2018, is to move the conversation forward by making sense of what really works in public service transformation from a practitioner’s point of view.

All participants in this survey will receive updates, information about the launch conference, regular Public Service Transformation Academy newsletters, and a copy of our report.

This survey will enable us to surface the vital themes to include in our report, and provide clues to valuable content. Thank you for doing your part!

Responses are welcome up until the closing date of 17 November 2017 - but the sooner you respond, the sooner we will start to learn.

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