Dear NAFEMS Technical Working Group Member,

We are seeking your support in order to progress a new NAFEMS initiative. We are developing a website compendium of international standards (and best practice documents) which are applicable to engineering simulation and which enable integration with model-based engineering. The overall goal of this initiative is to identify and promote the maturity and industry adoption of those international standards that support engineering simulation. The key objectives are:
  • to provide awareness of the existing standards that are relevant to engineering simulation;
  • to provide a single source for all end users and suppliers of engineering simulation to become familiar with the existing standards;
  • to draw attention to those standards being developed or in need of development.
Standards that will be captured include those developed by the European, American and International professional standards and engineering organisations such as ISO, NASA, BSI and ASME. A small selection of the types of standards that will be included in this initiative can be found below, with further examples shown in the Excel file available to download here
We would appreciate it if you could review the standards that have already been identified as part of this initiative and use this survey to:
  • provide feedback on the information that has already been captured;
  • tell us about a relevant standard that has not been identified;
  • tell us about a standard that supersedes a one that has already been identified by this initiative.
We will be collating the information received via this survey in the week commencing 22nd April 2019. 

More information on this initiative is included in the presentation available to download here.
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