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The Supporting Service Children in Education (SSCE) Cymru mission is to provide the best possible educational support to children of Armed Forces personnel in Wales. For more information about SSCE Cymru, please visit
Over the past year, SSCE Cymru has carried out a school survey and discussion groups with Service children. See the SSCE Cymru website for the findings of these activities.

What is this survey about?
SSCE Cymru would now like to give parents/carers of Service children the opportunity to share their experiences about living in/moving to Wales, the impact their lifestyles have on their children’s education and the support they have received from schools.
We would be interested to hear from parents/carers of Service children who are currently or have previously served in the Armed Forces, as well as those that are currently living or have previously lived in Wales.

Definition of a Service child
The Welsh Government’s definition of a Service child is:
A ‘Service child’ has parent(s) – or person(s) with exercising parental responsibility – who is/are Service personnel:
·       In HM Regular Armed Forces
·       In full commitment as part of the full-time Reserve service
·       Is a veteran who has been in service within the last two years
·       One of their parents died whilst serving in the Armed Forces and the pupil receives a pension under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme or the War Pensions Scheme.

SSCE Cymru would also encourage parents of Service children that fall outside of that definition to complete the survey, for example a Service family who transitioned out of the Armed Forces more than two years ago.

How will the responses be used?
·       All replies will be treated in the strictest confidence and will be completely anonymous. Your individual responses will only be seen by the civilian researchers conducting this survey and external data input contractors. All identifiable features of your responses will be omitted.
·       The responses will be analysed and compiled in a report that will be made available on the SSCE Cymru website.
·       The findings of the report will contribute to the resources and support available to schools and Service families to ensure Service children succeed in their learning and development.

When is the deadline?
Friday 30th October.

This survey is estimated to take between 15-20 minutes to complete. If you have any questions, please contact

Data protection
Please see this link for the SSCE Cymru Privacy Policy
Any information you provide will be processed in line with the Data Protection Act 2018. Your information will be treated as confidential. However, it may be shared with other relevant organisations (all identifiable features of your responses will be omitted).
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