The UKA consultation survey with the sport on the equalisation of male & female distances for Cross Country has been distributed and closes on the 29th January.

The SEAA have supported the other areas and ECCA in responding to the proposed consultation to UKA and EA as follows: -

i)  The issue of equalisation of cross-country distances should be made based upon the views of cross country athletes and their clubs as well as the hard working cross country event organisers rather than a general response from those not involved with cross country or those without any knowledge of the sport.  We have evidence that multiple submissions by the same person of the UKA survey returns has been possible and that many of the athletes that we know who are active, have not received the survey link from UKA/EA.

ii) We believe Southern clubs should have their own input on this issue so we can make our own representations to UKA/EA . We propose to do that by forwarding this survey to you.

iii) We also believe that county organisers within the South should be able to complete our survey on behalf of the 19 counties within our area.

iv) We hope that, with your support, we can convince UKA & EA that their aim of equalisation is not what the grass roots of the sport wants or needs; however, if we cannot, we need to consider whether Cross Country should consider organising itself with its own rules of governance, in the same way that the FRA & TRA have done

We will listen to your responses, and will commit to working with you and the event organisers to try and deliver what you, the clubs, want to see.