As the Real Bread Campaign is run by a charity, it’s important for us to be able to show our trustees, current and potential supporters, and potential funders that our work is valued and that people benefit from it.

We knead your...

Stories: If you got involved in Sourdough September this year, either by running an event/activity, or taking part in one (including simply baking at home) please take a few minutes to let us know what you did

If it was more than you who benefitted, how many and who were they (eg customers, pupils, trainees), and were the children, older people or face an particular challenges?

Snaps: We’d also love you to send us your photos! In line with our #WeAreRealBread initiative, we prefer photos of people
baking or holding their loaves, rather than the bread on its own.

Thanks in advance,

Chris Young
the Real Bread Campaign

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* 2. During Sourdough September this year, I...