The South Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership have developed a draft Social Isolation Strategy that covers the period 2018-2027. Our approach across the communities of South Ayrshire will focus on older people for the first three years of the strategy.

One of our key priorities is to raise awareness of social isolation and prevent and reducing the range of harms associated with being socially isolated and lonely. In order to achieve this we will focus on three key objectives and these are:

1. Prevent: Raise awareness and prevent people from becoming chronically socially isolated or experiencing loneliness (primary prevention)

2. Respond: Prevent people from developing chronic social isolation or loneliness following one of the known triggers (secondary prevention)

3. Restore: Prevent those who are chronically lonely and socially isolated from experiencing poor social or health outcomes (tertiary prevention)

The Scottish Government are preparing to launch a national strategy 'A Connected Scotland' early in 2019. This strategy will review and consider the content of the national strategy.

We are currently consulting on this social isolation strategy and implementation plan from the 23-11-18 until the 01-02-19. We would be grateful if you could take a few minutes to complete this survey and provide us with any comments that you consider would improve the strategy going forward.

If you would like access to this document in any other language or format, please contact either Steven Kelly at or Fiona Smith at