Smokefree zones - Bexleyheath town centre

We're considering trialling a voluntary smokefree zone in Bexleyheath town centre. The trial would last for six months and be implemented permanently if successful. 

The purpose of a smokefree zone is to protect children and young people from the influence of visible smoking, help change attitudes towards smoking and improve health. 

The zone would include the pedestrianised area around Bexleyheath Clock Tower and extend down to the pedestrian crossing just before Asda supermarket. New signs in the area would advise people within the zone to refrain from smoking and vaping between 8.30am and 6pm.

We're also asking those who work in or visit this area if they would be in favour of this initiative and how they would feel about other public outdoor spaces being smokefree. 

The outcome of the survey will be shared on the Council's website at the end of May. 

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