Is your smart rollout programme where it should be?

Our Smart Metering Health Check is designed to help you to answer that question.

It’s divided into two parts.

Part 1 - asks you to think about what you’re actually doing now and have done in the past. That means thinking back all the way to when you started out on your smart journey, and everything you’ve done since. You’ll need to state how strongly you agree with each statement. This scale of 1 to 7 is explained at the top of the questions.

Part 2 - goes over the same statements once more, but this time asks you to think about how confident you would be in providing evidence of what you’ve achieved. You’ll need to think about this in isolation from your answer in Part 1. The scale - 1 to 4 - is explained when you get there.

In both parts of the survey, the 20 statements are grouped into helpful themes – customer engagement, installation etc.

The health check should take you no more than ten minutes to complete.

Many thanks for your interest, and we hope you find it useful.

The Engage Consulting Team.

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A note on confidentiality.

The Engage Smart Metering Health Check is a self-assessment tool to help suppliers think about their progress against the all reasonable steps smart rollout obligation.

The answers that you give will be visible only to you and to employees of Engage. We will not share individual responses with colleagues in your organisation, other suppliers, Ofgem, BEIS, or anyone outside of Engage without your prior consent. We will share a written summary of your response with you directly and may invite you to discuss your results with us. By participating in the Engage Smart Health Check you agree to the use of your response for analysis, in anonymised form and aggregated with all other responses.