For players, stewards, witnesses and sticker uppers
Sunday 2nd June 2019, 9am to 5pm

Please complete this form to join Team Clark's 2019 world record challenge. Please answer all questions and read the medical disclaimer and world record rules carefully.

General enquiries can be sent to, but you can only register to take part using this form. 
Once you've completed the registration, please ask to join the Facebook group 'Frome world record skittles team'. This is just for the team so your request will only be accepted once you've signed up via this form.
This information is being collected by We Hear You. It will only be used for admin purposes related to the skittles world record. For more information please see WHY's full privacy policy.

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* 1. Name

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* 2. Date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy) - you must be 16 or over

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* 3. Please provide your contact details below.

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* 4. Thanks for taking part! What would you like to do? You can only do one of the options below - Guinness rules.

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* 5. Are you signing up as part of a team? Please write details below.

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* 6. Time slots

Please choose a time slot below. Players will need to arrive half an hour before their one-hour time slot.

If you are registering as a steward, witness or sticker upper, please choose the time you would like to start your shift and we'll contact you with timings.

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* 7. Medical information
The skittles world record is much less physically challenging than the rowathon! However, we want everyone to be safe, so please let us know if you have any of the following conditions and tick the box to confirm that you're fit to participate and that you agree to the following statement.
I accept all responsibilities associated with participating in this event. I agree to release Team Clark and We Hear You, including its staff, representatives, sponsors and volunteers from any and all liability, claims, demands, negligence, actions, and causes of actions arising out of my participation in the skittles world record event. This release extends to any claim made now or in the future.

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* 8. Emergency contact/next of kin

Please provide contact details of the person you'd like us to call in an emergency.

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* 9. World record rules

1. You can only participate once.
2. Each player throws three balls.
3. If the player doesn't hit any skittles, their participation cannot be recorded.
4. All players must sign a log book after their turn to confirm participation.

Team Clark are asking for a minimum donation of £10 to WHY to take part in this year's world record attempt - please pay on the day.

The record stands at 468 players - about one player per minute. So it's not a physical challenge...but to beat the record, you need to be speedy and make sure you clear the area as soon as you've thrown your three balls.

Please tick the box below to confirm you've read and understood.

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* 10. Photo/film permissions

We'll be taking photographs and filming during the world record attempt. We're hoping to have some of the local/regional press there too. Some of the footage is required by Guinness, but we'd like your permission to use your image and footage on social media and post-publicity too.

Please use the check boxes below to confirm how we can use images or footage of you.

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* 11. Mailing list

We'd love to keep in touch. Please can we add you to our mailing list? If you don't want us to keep your details, leave this answer blank and we'll dispose of your details following Guinness verification.

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