What do you think about a single clinical commissioning group for Kent and Medway?

The NHS, social care and public health organisations in Kent and Medway are already working together.

Our aim is to improve services and health and care outcomes through better joint working, shared priorities and more coordination between health and social care. To do this, we need to change the way we organise ourselves.

In June, we published a leaflet outlining our plans – you can find the leaflet here:  www.kentandmedway.nhs.uk/ICS. This included a survey which ran until August, to get people’s initial views on our suggested changes.

Building on the feedback from that survey, we’d now like to find out your views about one of the key changes - the proposal to create a single clinical commissioning group (CCG) for Kent and Medway.

At the moment, there are eight CCGs across Kent and Medway, responsible for planning and spending the health budget to meet local needs. This means there can sometimes be different services in different areas. This can be a good thing if people in areas need different things, but it can also create inequality in care and impact on people’s health and life expectancy.

Merging the existing groups to set up a single Kent and Medway CCG, led by GPs, would:  

·         provide a ‘bird’s eye view’ of health priorities for people across Kent and Medway so that we have a detailed understanding of local health needs and can plan effectively for everyone

·         identify where challenging health problems can be shared and tackled

·         allow the consistent commissioning of some services - such as cancer, mental health, children’s services and prevention – across Kent and Medway

·         focus on the health, wellbeing and care needs of the whole population

·         reduce management and administration costs across Kent and Medway.

We want to hear what you think about our plans to merge these eight groups into one clinical commissioning group for Kent and Medway.

Please complete this survey, as your views are important to us – by 23 September 2019.

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* 1. Do you have any thoughts or comments on a single, GP led, clinical commissioning group that you would like to share with us?

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* 2. We believe the benefits of creating one, GP led, clinical commissioning group will include the following. To what extent do you agree or disagree that one CCG rather than eight, will better achieve each of these?

  Strongly agree Somewhat agree Somewhat disagree Strongly disagree Don't know
Improve the health and wellbeing of the people of Kent and Medway by focusing on preventing ill-health and using its buying power to secure highest quality services at affordable cost  
Improve local people’s experience of using health and care services and support by making sure that the organisations and groups which deliver those services work better together, talk to each other more and don’t duplicate work
Reduce inequality by using detailed data about the health of neighbourhoods and communities to make sure that everyone has access to the same standards of care wherever they live, and that communities which need more support get it
Develop a more consistent approach to planning, funding and delivering health and care services across Kent and Medway – by this we mean making sure that local people get the same access to services wherever they live
Make decisions about how to address health and care issues more quickly, reducing bureaucracy, so we can tackle some of the biggest problems that affect local people
Save money by doing things once (e.g. one governing body, and central support services such as finance, and back office functions) that can be channelled back into front line care
Support local family doctors (GPs) and their teams to develop more services that can be delivered in the community and closer to home so that you don’t have to go to hospital unless you really need to
Make sure that we have enough of the right staff for our health and care services
Work consistently with local authorities to ensure developers of new housing contribute to local health and care services in the way that is most needed, not just what they think is needed

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* 3. Are there any other benefits you would want from one GP-led clinical commissioning group?

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* 4. Do you think there are any drawbacks to having one GP-led clinical commissioning group in Kent and Medway?

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* 5. If you think there could be drawbacks of a single, GP-led, clinical commissioning group, what might they be?

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* 6. How do you think we might overcome these drawbacks?

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* 7. What other information about the move to a single, GP-led, clinical commissioning group would be helpful?

We’d like to know a bit more about you. You don’t have to answer these questions but if you do, they will help us understand if we are receiving feedback from a diverse and representative population. All results will be anonymised and kept confidentially.

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* 8. How would you describe your gender?

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* 9. What is your sexual orientation?

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* 10. What year were you born?

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* 11. What town do you live in?

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* 12. Do you consider yourself to have a long-term health condition or disability?

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* 13. How would you describe your ethnicity?

Thank you for completing the survey.  If you have any questions please email comms.kentandmedway@nhs.net
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