Welcome to the Sileby Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire



The information from this questionnaire will be used to guide the advisory committee who are preparing the plan, and who wish to involve as many village residents as possible.


The Neighbourhood Plan:


·         Describes how we want Sileby to develop over the next 15 years.

·         Includes village facilities, transport, employment, heritage and green spaces as well as housing developments.

·         Is an important part of the planning process and has legal force.

·         Has to be agreed by referendum in the Parish.



We would like you and everyone in your household to complete a questionnaire.

All responses will be used solely for preparing this Neighbourhood Plan. Your participation in this questionnaire, together with your individual responses to the questions asked, will be kept confidential and no-one will be identifiable in any published results.

If you would like any assistance completing this questionnaire, please contact Rosemary Richardson on 01509 813075 or email clerk@silebyparishcouncil.org.uk


On behalf of Sileby Parish Council’s Neighbourhood Plan Committee thank you for your support.