* 1. Please provide the following information:

Thinking about your own household circumstances...

* 2. Where in the Shropshire Council area would you like to live?

* 3. What type of accommodation do you currently occupy?

* 4. If you are thinking of moving, what are your reasons?

* 5. How many people of each age and sex are there in your household?  (Please write the numbers in the relevant boxes)

Thinking about local housing needs...

* 6. What type of housing do you need?

You can view the definition for each type on our website.

* 7. What type of property would you be looking for? (tick any that apply)

* 8. How many bedrooms do you need?

* 9. When do you think you might need to move house?

* 10. If renting, what monthly rent do you think your household be able to afford?

It is normal to consider that approximately one third of the household’s net income would go on rent. Please do not include housing benefit within what the household can afford for rent.

* 11. How much would the household be able to afford if buying a property?

It is normal to consider three times the household’s gross annual income for mortgage purposes plus any savings and equity the household may have in any property.

* 12. Are you aware of any empty dwellings in your area which could be brought back into use?

* 13. Do you own property or land that you might be willing to see built on or developed for affordable housing?

* 14. If you have any other comments, please make them here:

* 15. Apart from you or anyone currently in your household, do you know anyone with a ‘local connection’ who is not currently residing in Community Area that would like to or needs to set up home in Community Area?

You can view the definition of 'local connection' on our website.

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