Endorse the ACU's Statement of shared values

Statement of shared values
The need for proactive mutual understanding between different faiths and cultures has never been greater. Universities are uniquely placed to meet this need.

Universities are based on the principles of free and open debate, and respect for those of different backgrounds or opinions. They are places where ideas can be advanced and challenged in an atmosphere of tolerance and objectivity. Today’s universities are more accessible than ever before, and reach across national and cultural borders.

As members of the community of Commonwealth universities, we:

- Affirm our belief in the principles of tolerance, respect, and understanding outlined in the Commonwealth Charter.
- Strive to develop an environment in which all students can understand and pursue their beliefs, in the spirit of mutual understanding and respect, and use these as a pathway to wider moral and personal development.
- Support the provision of opportunities in the curriculum or extracurricular activity to foster this mutual understanding and respect.
- View these initiatives as part of a wider commitment to academic, social, and international development.
- Recognise our responsibility, both as institutions or individuals, to work together and lead by example in pursuing the above principles.
Find out more about the ACU campaign at www.acu.ac.uk/respect

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* 1. Endorse the above statement of shared values by providing your details below.

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* 3. The ACU - with support from the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office - is also collating examples of how universities are already promoting and supporting respect and understanding among staff and / or students.

If your university is currently (or has been) active in promoting the shared values outlined above, please share an example of this. This could be any activity or initiative that has taken place at your institution, which demonstrates how your institution is helping to support and promote respect between staff, students, or the local community. If you have any images to illustrate your university's initiative, please email these to membership@acu.ac.uk (they must be in jpeg or png format, and of a high enough quality to use on our website). 

Previous examples have included the provision of comparative world religion courses in the curriculum, mandatory internship programmes for students and staff to give back to the community, and using technology to facilitate intercultural exchanges. Read past case studies here

In 250 words maximum, please can you provide an overview of the initiative? Please include any details about why the initiative was needed, how it promoted and supported respect, who champions it, what has worked / not worked and what it has achieved so far, along with any indicators / measures of success. 

NB your example may be selected for publication on the ACU website and included in further campaigning activity.