Matchday Protest & Ownership Survey

This is intended to be a short survey to gauge and share Season Ticket Holder opinion on protests and ownership.

Anyone can complete the survey but naturally it is primarily aimed at season ticket holders as it focuses on matchday protests.

Many fans are unhappy about the Glazers' ownership and there is much talk of matchday protests on social media. This survey is simply to get as clear a picture as possible of the views of supporters and share that information so people can make informed decisions.

Of course it goes without saying that MUST wants to see a change of ownership with supporters getting a significant stake in the club, in the long term. We opposed the takeover since the beginning and that has not changed.

We have publicised protests in the past up until the point some of our board members were the only ones carrying them out - quite literally.

Despite insistence from some largely anonymous voices, we don't dictate to our supporters what they should do and in the end, as a member organisation, we are simply the sum of the collective actions of our members. We see our role as to provide information, treat people like adults, and allow individuals to make informed decisions for themselves. 

In any case since when have United fans done as they're told when they don't want to do it?

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* 1. Are you a Season Ticket Holder?