Thank you for taking the time to respond to this survey. Engender have been awarded funding from Rosa as part of a broader funding stream on #TimesUp, to look at how Scotland might act to prevent sexual and sexist harassment and improve outcomes for women who have experienced or are experiencing it. This survey forms part of that research and will inform the policy recommendations that we make.

We are looking to hear from women who may have experienced or witnessed sexual or sexist harassment in the workplace in Scotland. We want to find out what some of the barriers to reporting are, how your employer may have responded, and ideas for change. We will not ask you about the actual experience you may have had or witnessed, but there will be space for you to tell us about this if you wish to. Your answers will be kept confidential and there is no way that your workplace, or anybody you mention in your answers, can be identified in this survey.
The survey should take about 10 minutes and there is no obligation to answer all of the questions. We are very grateful for your time in completing this survey.
We are grateful to Close the Gap and the Trade Union Congress for allowing us to replicate some of their survey questions. 
Who we are
Engender is Scotland’s feminist policy and advocacy organisation, working to increase women’s social, political and economic equality, enable women's rights, and make visible the impact of sexism on women and wider society. We work at Scottish, UK and international level to produce research, analysis, and recommendations for intersectional feminist legislation and programmes.
If you encounter any issues when completing the survey or have any questions, please contact 

If you feel upset or affected after taking this survey or you are looking for support about sexual harassment or any other form of sexual violence, you can contact the Rape Crisis Scotland helpline on 08088 01 03 02 or find out more information at

Scottish Women's Rights Centre also provide free legal information, advice and representation to women affected by sexual harassment, violence and abuse. You can contact their helpline on 08088 010 789 or visit

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* 2. Are you a woman? (Including trans women)

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