About the survey

This survey has been produced to find out from young people about how much "sexting" is going on, what you think about it and what we can do to help you keep safe.

Sexting is creating, sharing and forwarding of sexually explicit/ suggestive images. You and your friends might also refer to sexting as ‘nudes’.

Please help us find out more about young people and sexting by answering the questions below. If there are any questions that you don’t want to answer, you can just choose the option ‘prefer not to say’ or just leave the question blank.

Your answers will be anonymous. This means that we do not know your name and no-one will know what you said.

If you have any concerns about sexting, please talk to a teacher or adult you trust. If this, or anything, makes you feel worried or unsafe online and you don't feel able to talk to someone you know you can report this online at the CEOP website or phone ChildLine on 0800 1111

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* 1. Where do you live?

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* 2. What year are you in at school?

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* 3. What gender are you?

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* 4. Do you worry about sexting?