The UK Safer Internet Centre, working with Plymouth University, invite you to take part in a completely anonymous, very brief survey which asks questions about the way young people of your age might be affected by the sending and spreading of "nudes" - something called sexting. Some of these questions ask things that you might find uncomfortable to talk about and you do not have to respond to anything you don’t wish to. Most importantly, you should not leave any personal details in the survey

We hope this survey will help inform understanding about how these issues affect young people and will contribute to improving measures for protecting individuals from the harm that can occur if such file sharing goes wrong.

Any data collected in this survey will be used solely for this research project. Data is held entirely anonymously and there is no way to identify individuals. Individual responses will not be shared with teachers, parents or guardians. The data will not be accessed by anyone other than the research team at the Plymouth University

Information for parents

* 1. Are you male or female?

* 2. What is the name of your school?

* 3. What year group are you in?

* 4. Has anyone you know ever shared intimate (nude or nearly nude) pictures/videos with someone?

* 5. How many separate incidents like this have happened this year that you are aware of?

* 6. Are you aware of any times where such a picture/video was spread around further than just the person it was sent to?

* 7. Were the images/videos used in a way intended to upset someone?

* 8. Whose responsibility is the image/video?

* 9. Do you strongly agree/agree/have no opinion/disagree/strongly disagree with the following statements?

  Strongly agree Agree No opinion  Disagree Strongly disagree
There's a lot of pressure to send nudes
It's not an problem, everyone does it
Its difficult to say no if someone asks for a nude
Sending a nude is illegal and people shouldn't do it
Spreading a nude to other people is illegal and people shouldn't do it
People should be punished for threatening to share images
Adults overreact about this sort of thing
My school tackles these issues well

* 10. Why do you think people send nudes (tick as many as you like)?

* 11. Do you get the chance to talk, and ask questions, about this sort of thing in class or tutor time?

* 12. Do you think you should have more or less classes about this sort of thing?

* 13. How can adults support young people in this area? (tick as many as you like)

* 14. Do you have any other comments about this topic?