The Home Office have launched a consultation on serious youth violence to ensure public bodies, including social services, raise concerns about children at risk of becoming involved in serious youth violence and knife crime.  The new, multi-agency, ‘public health duty’ is intended to help spot the warning signs that a young person could be in danger, such as presenting in A&E with a suspicious injury, to worrying behaviour at school or issues at home.

This joined-up approach could also include organisations jointly funding early intervention services to improve their coordination and would be backed up by legislation to make sure professionals in health, education, police, social services, housing and the voluntary sector work together and are held accountable for preventing and tackling serious violence. 

Please share your views with BASW

BASW England would like you to feed into our consultation response by sharing your thoughts and views about the proposals in the Home Office consultation document. The Home Office is proposing 3 options to tackle serious youth violence:

Option One: New duty on specific organisations to have due regard to the prevention and tackling of serious violence
Option Two: New duty through legislating to revise Community Safety Partnerships
Option Three: A voluntary non-legislative approach

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