This is an open call to all organisations, initiatives and individuals undertaking work that is actively contributing to increasing levels of physical activity for older adults (55+) across the UK.

The ukactive Research Institute, in partnership with EGYM, are calling for the physical activity sector to provide case study submissions exemplifying solutions, programmes, initiatives and commissioning models that are in place to support older adults to be physically active. As part of the submission we would like to understand what you offer and how this has an impact on older adults. 
Within the UK, there are currently over 12 million people are above the age of 65, with the Office for National Statistics projecting this to exceed 20 million by 2070. Despite the known benefits of physical activity only 50% of adults aged 75+ complete the CMO guidelines of 150 minutes of physical activity per week.

The fitness and leisure sector are working hard to support the activity levels of the older adult population. Evidence of the barriers and challenges experienced by older adults exists, however an understanding of how the sector is supporting older adults, where best practice lies and areas of continued development is missing. We hope this research will help fill that gap.

Submissions will be reviewed and categorised by our independent ukactive Research Institute before a second review stage in which anonymised case study submissions will be reviewed by a group of older adults. This is to provide invaluable insight into what older adults feel about the offers currently in place and their opinions on what should be improved, scaled or altered to best support them.

Thank you for taking the time to submit your case study here and the valuable support you provide older people to be active.

ukactive Research Institute.

Data protection

All data will be viewed with confidence and is collected for research purposes only. Your individual answers will not be shared and your case studies will not be identifiable by name unless you want this to be the case, and we will contact you before doing so. All information provided within this survey submission will remain confidential and stored securely in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

By completing the submission, you agree to take part in the below research and understand that data collected during the study will be looked at by individuals from the ukactive Research Institute. This will be shared in an anonymised format where it is relevant to your taking part in this research. By completing this submission, you give permission for individuals from this organisation to have access to your anonymous data, and this data to be included in an anonymous format in any subsequent sector or academic reports or publications.

If you have any questions or issues over the confidentiality of this questionnaire, please do not hesitate to get in contact with the ukactive Research Institute by emailing

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