From 2017-18 the government phased in a national funding formula for Early Years and the following year for the Schools (SB), High Needs (HN) and the Central Services Schools Block (CSSB).

In 2020-21 the phased implementation of these funding formula will continue. This document seeks views of schools, academies and free schools on several proposals in respect of the SB, HN and CSS Blocks, specifically:
  • The value of the minimum funding guarantee, it is proposed to set this at +0.5%;
  • Possible changes to the growth fund;
  • De-delegation of funding including proposals to increase the schools’ contingency to address the risk to maintained school system of schools with deficits;
  • Various matters relating to the central services schools’ block and historic commitments;
  • Maintaining a transfer from the schools to the high needs block of 0.5%, approximately £1.2m; and
  • Confirming that the one-off funding provided to certain schools following the ceasing of the SEN support fund and the DfE rejecting the Forum’s proposal to adjust based budgets, is unable to be repeated in 2020-21. 
Responses should be made using this on-line survey and should be completed by Friday 18 October 2019. 

School funding consultation 2020-21 (pdf)
Please note the consultation document and the financial impact of these changes were prepared before the Government announced the Schools Block Units of Funding for local authorities and the High Needs Block.  We have used 2019-20 pupil level data.  We will update the Schools Forum at its meeting in 13 November should the publication of that data materially affect the proposals in this document.

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