Please complete:
Page 1 only for primary school children
Page 2 only for secondary school children.

* 2. How often does your child have a school lunch?

* 3. If only occasionally or never, why is this?  (maximum of two answers only)

* 4. How do you and your child rate the school meals service?  Please select a rating for each area.

  Excellent Good Average Poor Don't know
 Value for money
 Quality of the food
Choice each day
How the food is presented
Taste of the food
Choice of healthy

* 5. Does your child find the catering service friendly and helpful?

* 6. What is your current preferred payment method for school meals?

* 7. Would you pay for school meals online if this option was available?

* 8. Do you receive enough information about school meals?

* 9. What do you feel could be done to improve the school meals service?  Please tell us your suggestions

50% of survey complete.