This research has been commissioned by Somerset Community Foundation to help inform the development and priorities of the Hinkley Point C Community Fund. The fund has been created to support projects in Somerset that will promote well-being and enhance quality of life for communities affected by the development of the new power station at Hinkley Point C. We are asking for your views on what that would mean in your community, to help us identify how the funding should be prioritised.

We are also interested in hearing about any impacts you may be experiencing already or that you anticipate in the future.

Your responses will be used alongside existing research, including local authority and community plans, strategies and reports. In addition, Somerset Community Foundation will be consulting other key stakeholders
The Community Council for Somerset (CCS) and Clarity CIC have been commissioned to conduct this survey. CCS supports people who live and work in Somerset communities. Clarity supports voluntary and community sector organisations.

Data Statement
Analysis will be conducted by CCS and Clarity CIC. Individual information will be treated as confidential and anonymous. This means that information published will be representative of a group and will not identify any individual response. Information is collected and analysed in accordance with CCS’ and Clarity’s role as Data Controllers and Data Processors.

* Other (e.g. parish name for community organisations serving a wider area)

* Are you answering this survey as? (tick one)

* What would improve people’s well-being and quality of life in your community? (tick any that apply)

* What opportunities, if any, do you see for your community as a result of the Hinkley Point C development?

* How much is your local area currently affected by the development at Hinkley Point C?

* What are the effects?

* In the future, how much do you think your local area will be affected by Hinkley Point C as development progresses?

* What do you think the effects will be?

* Please tell us which age group you are in (so we can make sure we’ve captured views of a range of people)

* How would you describe your ethnic origin?

* Any other comments?