* 1. About the number of memorial(s).  We recognise that not all parents live in Shrewsbury and some live a distance away. 

Please indicate your preference from the below or suggest an alternative.

* 2. About locations in Shrewsbury for a main memorial.  Please indicate your preference from the below or suggest an alternative.

To create the memorial some parents have suggested that we use the O’Leary family who create carved stone memorials.

The O’Leary family have been approached and are happy to assist with this memorial and work with parent’s design ideas.

Examples of the O’Leary’s work can be seen here:

www.stonecarving.co.uk and here www.lottieolearystonecarver.co.uk

* 3. Do you agree to using stone as the material for a main memorial?

* 4. Are you in agreement for the O’Leary family to create the memorial?

* 5. A few ideas for the memorial design have been suggested by some families, these suggestions are listed below. We’d like to draw up a short list of maybe 2 or 3 ideas for the next stage of consultation.

Please select up to 3 of the suggestions below. One of the options is to provide your own idea. If you’d like to provide an image of your design idea, the next question allows you to upload an image to submit with your response. Alternatively you can email it to memorialconsultation@shropshire.gov.uk

  1st choice 2nd choice 3rd choice
A baby cradled within angel wings
A dolphin based sculpture
A teddy bear based sculpture
A baby’s hands
A baby’s feet
A butterfly based sculpture
I have a different idea

* 6. If you have an image to support your own idea you can upload it here to submit with your response. Images will help when designing the new memorial but the finished item will be a custom design based on feedback.

DOCX, DOC, JPEG, GIF, JPG, PDF, PNG file types only.
Choose File
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* 7. Would you like to see an inscription included with the memorial?

* 8. This is the first stage of the consultation and depending upon the range of views expressed it may be necessary to consult again on the most preferred set of options. 

We are also considering setting up a small panel that would meet to reach final decisions on the memorial. The panel would include:

a key member of senior Shropshire Council staff
a nominated parent representative
the chosen artist

Do you agree this approach?

* 9. If you'd like to nominate a parent representative, whether this is yourself or another parent, please provide the name and address details here:

* 10. Once the memorial is complete and installed, do you feel there should be a religious service or a non-religious ceremony to commemorate the dedication?

* 11. Please use this space if you have any other comments to make about this consultation.

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