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Under threat from Croydon’s Labour Council, which has failed to provide detailed evidence for the retention of a Local Green Space policy in the Croydon Local Plan.

Across the borough, residents are rightly concerned as Labour’s Local Plan has left 31 of our green spaces and parks with no local protection from development.

Croydon’s Labour Council have made it very clear that, as they over intensify development across our borough, our vital green spaces are under threat and disappearing.

One of the 31 oarks and open spaces which have lost protection under Labour's 'local plan', Boulogne Road Playground in Selhurst, has already started being reduced in size by new developments.

At a time when our population is expanding our green spaces are going to be even more important for health and well-being.

We are appalled at the way that Labour is riding roughshod over the views of local residents. Our green spaces are simply not safe whilst they are in charge of Croydon Council.

We have pledged not to develop any parks and managed green spaces that are in Council ownership which find their protection removed.

If we can help with anything else locally, or if you would like to help us, please contact us by e-mailing
We, the undersigned, call on Labour-run Croydon Council to immediately reinstate the protections they stripped from Croydon's precious 31 parks and green spaces.

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