On the way back from Redcatch Park our four year old boy was hit by a motorbike while crossing the Wells Road. While he survived, it could have been a very different outcome.

We want Bristol Council to create a safe crossing on the Wells Road between Somerset Road and Marston Road so that families and residents have safe access to the parks and facilities on the other side of Wells Road.

There have been repeated attempts to push for a crossing and all have been unsuccessful. One of the reasons cited in the past was: 'there is not enough public demand'.

This means that we need to gather as much DATA as possible to show that this section of the road is unsafe and that there is public demand for a safe crossing.

We need your help to do this!
Please complete this short survey to share any information and stories about pedestrian traffic incidents that you have experienced, witnessed or heard about on or near to the section of the Wells Road between Somerset and Marston Road. Please include near misses.

You will need to complete a separate survey for each incident.

The more stories and data that we have, the stronger our case will be.


Note: This survey asks for some personal information like your name and postcode. This is because we need to be able to show Bristol Council that our data comes from local and credible sources. We are using Survey Monkey to collect and store your data. Survey Monkey is GDPR compliant. Your personal information will only be shared with key people within Bristol Council for campaign purposes.

For more information about the campaign and if you want to help out please email Rebecca Zausmer or Ben Smith on safewellsroadcrossing@gmail.com
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* 1. Personal information

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* 2. What was your role in the pedestrian traffic incident? Please tick all that apply.

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* 4. When did the incident happen? Please estimate if you are not certain.


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* 6. Was the pedestrian hit or was it a near miss?

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* 7. How serious was the accident or how serious did it seem?

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* 8. What vehicles were involved? (Or could have been involved, if the incident was a near miss). Tick all that apply.

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* 9. Please tell us more about what happened.