You can help make it safer for people to bike.

The number one reason more people don’t cycle is because of safety. 2017 was an appalling year for deaths on our roads, with 18 people on bikes killed and over 700 injured.
We need to make sure cycling safety is high on the agenda of the upcoming Road Safety Summit.
Have your say on what needs to be done, (the survey will only take about 6 mins).
Your views will be used for a petition (out late Feb) which will be presented to the summit. Results will also be available to all respondents for you to present to your Council, hence the request for your details.
Thanks for your help and keep in touch with cycle action around NZ on CAN Facebook 

* 1. City / town

* 2. Post code

* 3. First name

* 4. Last name

* 5. E mail - (so we can get back to you – we will not share this with anyone else, will not bombard you with emails).

* 6. Age group

* 7. How often on average do you bike?

* 8. Why do you cycle? You can tick more than one.

* 9. What are the THREE biggest issues for you when it comes to cycle safety?  You can add your own comments

* 10. What are the four most important improvements to cycling at national level you would like to see? Please choose a maximum of FOUR.

* 11. Ideas for your - Residential and suburban streets, ypu can tick more than one

* 12. Ideas for your local area - Shopping areas – city centres and local, can tick more than one

* 13. Intersections

* 14. Major main roads 

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