Rosie Maternity & Neonatal Voices is an advisory and action forum run by local parent volunteers to improve maternity and neonatal services at the Rosie Hospital, Cambridge, UK.

It meets quarterly with senior staff at the Rosie Hospital, commissioners, local charities, community and voluntary groups, and Healthwatch Cambridgeshire & Peterborough, to review the experiences and feedback collected from this survey and its outreach work.

Please tell us about your neonatal care so we can flag up any areas of concern or praise with the Rosie Hospital. ​You may feel that alone, your opinions and feelings about your neonatal care, whether good or bad, will not make a difference but by drawing experiences together as a group we can make sure our voices are heard and taken seriously.

If not all sections apply, just fill in what you can. If you have had more than one baby stay at the Rosie Hospital in the last five years, please fill in this survey about your most recent experience.

If your baby died during pregnancy, labour or neonatally, you may prefer to complete our baby loss and bereavement care survey.
If you work with local parents as a doula, antenatal teacher, community worker, volunteer, etc. please send feedback via our contact us page. Please support our work by sharing this survey with the parents you work with.

The data is collected confidentially. The information is kept in a secure environment and the data is analysed at group level in order to de-identify participants. You will not get any individual response to your comments, however, at the end of the survey you can submit your name and email to hear about progress, news and local listening events.

The Rosie neonatal unit includes neonatal intensive care, high dependency, and special care.

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* 5. For this pregnancy, how many babies did you have admitted to the Rosie neonatal care unit?

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* 7. How would you describe your ethnicity?


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* 9. Overall, how would you rate the care on the Rosie neonatal care unit?

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* 10. What was good about the care?

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* 11. What was not so good about the care?

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* 12. What could be improved?

Prior to admission

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* 13. During the pregnancy did you know your baby might be admitted to the Rosie neonatal care unit?

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