The Reminiscence Network Northern Ireland (RNNI) was established in September 1999.  It is a unique organisation founded to promote well-being through both training and delivery of quality reminiscence work throughout Northern Ireland.  The Network wants to make a difference to people's lives by encouraging them to value themselves through recalling and sharing their memories.

Please answer each question as well as you can.  We are interested in the views of volunteers and older people.  This may mean that you have to imagine yourself in a different role.  For example if you are a younger person who volunteers you could answer question one by giving your opinions about taking part in a reminiscence activity if you were an older person.

We would like to see more people taking part in reminiscence activities and want to gauge what support there is for this amongst older people and volunteers.  We would be grateful if you would take a few minutes to answer the following questions. 

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Individual Life Story Work

Individual Life Story Work is an activity that supports an individual to recall, share and describe their memories.  These are then presented in a book, audio book, or DVD and become a permanent record of the person's life for themselves, their families or to be shared with other carers.

* 1. Would you like to take part in a life story activity?

* 2. If you were offered the opportunity to work on your life story, would you participate?

* 3. Do you think life story activity would help you or others?

* 4. Would a life story book be valuable to you by helping you appreciate your memories ?

* 5. Would a life story book be valuable to your family?

* 6. Would a life story book be valuable to social workers or carers who may be involved in your future care?

Creative Reminiscence Group Work

A Creative Reminiscence Group brings together about 8 people to take part in a group activity that helps them recall, share and describe their memories.  This can include discussions about work, family life, hobbies or leisure.  Sometimes there is an activity that can be art or music based or focuses on creative writing.  Each person is supported to produce a piece of work that represents their memories of theme.

* 7. Would you like to take part in a creative reminiscence group?

* 8. If a reminiscence group were to be set up near you, would you attend?

* 9. Do you think a creative reminiscence group would help you or others?

* 10. Would a creative reminiscence group make someone feel less isolated?

* 11. Would a creative reminiscence group help to meet the social and emotional needs of older people with disabilities?

* 12. Would a creative reminiscence group let others know more about?

* 13. Would a creative reminiscence group be enjoyable?

Reminiscence in general

Here are some final questions about reminiscence work in general.  Reminiscence work consists mainly of individual life story work and group based creative reminiscence programmes.

* 14. Do you think reminiscence work would help you or others?

* 15. Do you think reminiscence work would help you or others?


* 16. Would you participate in training sessions to become a Life Story or Creative Reminiscence Volunteer?

* 17. Do you think reminiscence work would be valuable for older people?

* 18. Please add any comments you want to make about the issues raised in this survey:

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Thank you for taking time to complete this survey.