FPA Foodservice Retailer Award 2018 Sponsored by RAP

The purpose of this survey is to enable FPA members to decide the FPA 2018 Foodservice Retailer Award
By using the drop down menus below please select your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice preferences to be winner of this Award based on any of the following criteria over the last year:
ENVIRONMENTAL: Responding and contributing to schemes to meet current challenges - playing their full part in dealing with the issues
INNOVATION: Introducing new foodservice items that require innovation with respect to foodservice packaging
COLLABORATION: Working with FPA Member distributors and manufacturers to produce innovative foodservice packaging
RECOGNITION OF THE ROLE OF FOODSERVICE PACKAGING as a key part of their product that enables the food and drink they serve to be enjoyed in perfect condition
MARKETING: Use of packaging within their advertising and promotions
SUSTAINABILITY: Making improvements with regard to energy, water & material use
QUALITY: The desire for quality in the food and drink they serve and the packaging used to serve it

We ask you to please apply your knowledge, observations, insight and experience of the market as a whole.

It is possible to nominate up alternative retailers from those listed below but please bear in mind market presence . If you do select other plaease state your choice below.

* 2. OTHER FIRST CHOICE Please write in here your FIRST choice only if you selected 'other' from the first choice drop down list

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