Background information

Background:  Earlier this year the Paediatric Intensive Care (PIC) Society asked health care professionals who work in PICU what research we should be carrying out.   Below are the top 20 questions / topics that health care professionals chose (in no particular order). We would now like to find out what children and young people (CYP) who have had an admission to PICU and their families think is important and what research should be carried out next. 
Who can take part? We would like to hear the views of CYP and the parents /carers/ relatives of a CYP who has had an admission to any of the 28 UK PICUs.  There is no restriction on when and where the admission took place.  

How do I take part? 
You can take part in two ways:
1. Fill in a paper questionnaire. This can then be posted in the stamped addressed envelope provided.  
2. Complete this on-line questionnaire which is exactly the same questions, just in electronic form. 

How long will it take? The survey should take around 5 minutes to complete.  

Who is carrying out the work?  The work is being carried out by a group of researchers who work in different PICUs across the country.  If you have any questions there is more information on the PIC Society website:

What will happen with the results? We will compare the results from CYP and families to those from health care professionals to see where there are similarities and differences.  We are also interested to see if there are any new questions raised by patients and families.
The results will be fed back to the PIC Society to help researchers know which studies we should focus on.  
We will also feedback the results to charities and to the branch of the Department of Health who fund research so they know what health care professionals and families think is important to fund in the future. 

How will we hear about the findings? We will feedback a summary through a number of different ways.
  • We can send you a copy of the results directly (if you provide your contact details)
  • Summary of information available through NHS organisations
  • Summary information in charity newsletters / on their websites
  • PIC society website
  • Social media 

Thank you for taking the time to read this information. We hope you will now take part in the survey.