FSRH Reduced Membership applications

Current FSRH members:

If your circumstances are listed below, then you are entitled to apply for a 50% reduced membership subscription rate for 2022.

Maternity/Paternity/Adoption Leave
  • You can claim one year of reduced subscription fees per pregnancy/adoption. 
  • If you were on maternity/paternity/adoption last year we can issue a refund for the difference. If you intend to take maternity/paternity/adoption leave this year we can adjust your subscription to reflect the reduced fees (during our renewals period) or we can issue a refund for the difference if you have already paid this year. 
Long term sickness
  • If you are off work due to a long-term illness, you can claim the 50% reduction on your fee. 
Low income - under £23,000 (gross) for all paid employment 
  • If you earn less than £23,000 (gross) for all paid employment, you can claim the 50% reduction on your fee.
Reduced subscription rates are only available to members with a qualification:
  • Diplomate members
  • Members
  • Fellows
  • Associates
How and when to apply
Please complete this online declaration form below. We do not ask for evidence from every applicant, but we could ask for evidence in the future as part of our auditing process. 

Applications will be reviewed by the FSRH Membership team, and you will be contacted once you application has been approved, to advise how you can pay or when we will issue a refund if you have already paid your 2022 membership fee.

Reduced fees for 2022: 

Membership Category Full membership rate 2022  Reduced membership rate Refund (difference)
Diplomate £114 £57 £57
Member / Fellow £242 £121 £121
Associate £97 £49 £49

Future years
Should you be eligible for reduced subscriptions the following year or thereafter, you will be required to complete the form on an annual basis.

If you have any questions relating to this policy, please contact the membership team on 020 7724 5534 or email info@fsrh.org