* 1. Your ATL, NUT or NEU Membership

* 2. We will need to contact you to confirm details of the event please complete the details below.

NB When entering telephone numbers please leave a space after the area code.

* 3. Where do you work?

* 4. Which Local Authority do you work for (if more than one, which one do you mainly work for)?

* 5. What phase do you work in?

* 6. Are you?

* 7. How many years have you been teaching?

* 8. RECT is a residential event and, unless you select one of the options below, single accommodation will automatically be reserved for you on Friday and Saturday evening.

If you wish to share a room with a friend or partner please say so in the box below otherwise you will both be allocated separate rooms.

Friends and partners who are not participants will need to pay for meals and any supplementary room charges.

If you only wish to stay for one night an evening meal will only be provided on that day. Lunch will be provided for day delegates but no evening meal or accommodation.

* 9. Do you have any dietary requirements (eg vegetarian)? If so, please specify.

* 10. Do you have any access/accommodation requirements (eg mobility assistance or large print documents)? If so, please specify.

* 11. Do you have any requests for Workshop Sessions (one request per line)?

* 12. Have you attended a RECT weekend before?

* 13. RECT is free for members; however, there will be a £50 charge, as a contribution towards the cancellation fee, if you do not attend without providing adequate notice and reason for non-attendance.

Do you accept these terms?