We hope you enjoyed reading our Annual Report 2017. This year we completed a consultation to see if tenants were happy with the way the information was displayed in the report.  We had excellent feedback from our Reader Panel and held an office meeting to speak directly with tenants.  We received feedback that the information we present is clear and easy to understand.  Tenants asked us to focus on our own performance alongside a comparison with the Scottish Average and similar sized landlords.  So this year we did just that with focus on our own performance over the past three years against the averages requested.

Please tell us if we have got it right  -  your input is very important to us and will help us improve next year’s report. 

All those who take part will be entered into a prize draw for vouchers for a shop of your choice. 

* 1. Did the report give you the information you wanted to see on our performance?

* 2. How did we present the information?

* 3. Were the bar charts easy to understand? 

* 4. Did we get the balance right between articles about our service and facts and figures?

* 5. We have compared our own performance this year to ourselves over the last two years . This is against the Scottish average and averages of similar landlords performance.

Please select two or three options below to tell us what you feel are the most important to feature in the report.

* 6. How would you like to read next years report? 

* 7. Only tenants who request a copy of the report will receive one, so please leave your contact details here to ensure that your receive one in your preferred format