In this survey I would like you to answer the questions about one specific project. If you would like to answer about multiple projects feel free to go through the questions another time to detail that. I'm not collecting any personal details, as I'm only interested in trends. Some of the answers will put you into a fairly broad grouping - just answer with the closest, or feel free to skip things you feel you can't answer.

I'm collecting this data to inform some conference talks I'm working on however I'll also publish it in some fashion - most likely on my blog at

Thanks - and please share so we can get the widest possible data!

Rachel Andrew

* 1. When working on this project are you

* 2. What type of company is this project for? (the company of the client if this is client work)

* 3. In terms of your team, who owns the CSS part of the project?

* 4. How would you describe your personal CSS skill level, pick the closest to how you would describe your skills.

* 5. Is this project

* 6. If your project involves working on an existing site, roughly how old is the oldest CSS on the project?

* 7. How many people work on this project?

* 8. How many people edit the CSS on this project?

* 9. Are you using a CSS framework for this project?

* 10. Which of the following CSS features are currently used in your project?

* 11. Thinking about these same features, which would you feel able to add to your project?

* 12. If there were features you would not use at the current time even if they seemed like the ideal solution, please explain why not.

* 13. When talking about "browser support" how do you define that for this project?

* 14. What is the oldest version of IE/Edge that your project has to support?

* 15. What is the oldest version of Firefox you support? (Please enter a version number)

* 16. What is the oldest version of Chrome you support? (Please enter a version number)

* 17. What is the oldest version of Desktop Safari you support? (Please enter a version number)

* 18. How do you test on mobile browsers?

* 19. Do you have access to browser analytics that give you detailed data of the browsers used by visitors to the project, or the site it is replacing?

* 20. How did you make the decision about which browsers to support, and what that means for this project?

* 21. Putting your personal feelings aside. Place these in the order that you actually spend the most time and energy on for this project.

* 22. Place in order of importance to you the following areas as they apply to this specific project (imagining that it was completely your decision about where time was spent).

* 23. How do you feel when you see a new CSS feature announced?