Feedback about your care

Please use this survey to give feedback (positive or negative) about any part of your care or your baby's care including
- support and information you were given when planning your pregnancy (pre-conception care);
- all parts of your care during pregnancy;
- care during labour, birth and in the early days;
- care for you and your baby up to six months after baby's birth.
We would like to know what was good, what was not good, how could we make it better?

If you would like to share feedback about your whole maternity journey please use our longer survey: (link)

Partners, Dads, co-parents and others supporting parents-to-be or new parents are also welcome to share their views.

All responses are anonymous. A summary of the anonymous data will be shared with partners working with us to improve maternity care. (For more information about applicable data protection laws and our Privacy Policy please visit

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* 5. Please tell us what was good about this part of the care.

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* 6. Please tell us what was not good about this part of the care.

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* 7. Please share any suggestions or ideas about how this part the care could have been better.

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* 8. Please share any other comments you have about this or any other part of the maternity care