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* 1. How many full time employees do you have at the moment?

* 2. How many part time employees do you have at the moment?

* 3. What is your legal entity?

* 4. In which company sector does your company operate in? 

* 5. How would you describe your product our service in one sentence?

* 6. Do you have any income or funding to support your project or business? If yes, what is roughly the amount?

* 7. What is the main legal issue you are facing in one sentence.

* 8. What is your understanding of the legal issue you are facing? 

* 9. Which legal issue do you encounter in the course of your business?

  Issue encountered Issue which might be encountered in the future Issue already resolved
Privacy Policy & Data Protection 
Corporate Structure
Non-Disclosure agreement
Contract and Consumer
Terms and Conditions

* 10. How do you usually obtain legal advice? 

* 11. We would not charge you for any of our services and this question is for survey purpose only. Would you be prepared to donate or provide a small fee for university law clinics?