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The research authors of this survey are: Dr Amanda Cecil, PhD, CMP, Associate Professor and Chair, Indiana University, School of Physical Education and Tourism Managment (PETM) and Janet Sperstad, CMP, Program Director, Meeting and Event Management at Madison College, USA. 

The research is supported by two partners: The IMEX Group and PSAV "The Trusted Event Technology Partner".

Findings will be announced and presented at IMEX in Frankfurt, 16 - 18 May 2017 with additional results presented at IMEX America, 10 - 12 October 2017.

What is a purposeful meeting?
A purposeful meeting is one that is planned with specific outcomes and attendee behaviour in mind. Professionals plan with deeper meaning, innovation and insight while incorporating ALL five pillars into the process:

1 - Behavioural science: discipline in which the actions of humans are being studied 
2 - Wellbeing: condition of being content and healthy
3 - Meeting design: process of developing effective and efficient meetings with strategic outcomes
4 - CSR/legacy building: engaging people to have a positive impact on others and/or the natural world
5 - Event technology: tool to communicate and engage with attendees

Our purpose is to move the strategic conversion of meetings beyond financial return on investment (ROI) and learner outcomes to exploring the elements of a meeting experience that impact human behaviour and leverage the experience to influence decision making, create moments of meaning and insight and inspire creativity. 

SURVEY INSTRUCTIONS: Please provide a thoughtful and complete response to each question. Responses that include specific examples or focused ideas will be most useful in analysing the data.