Years of budget cuts have led many local authorities to slash their spending on arts and culture. Some reports tell an optimistic tale of resilience, but what’s really going on behind the scenes? Are arts organisations coping and how are they preparing for a future without one of their main sources of funding?

This short Pulse survey from ArtsProfessional is an attempt to find out how those working in the arts are responding to this shift in the funding landscape and how they think the sector can be steered towards a thriving future.

You can tick boxes to indicate your responses to the main questions. More useful still, however, you can choose to leave anonymous comments and reflections on the issues raised, which we hope will shed more light on this complex issue.

Please note that any comments you make will be published unedited so if you wish to remain anonymous you should not make any comments that will identify you as the author.

If you would like to discuss the issues raised further - or would rather make comments in a more personal forum - we would love to hear from you. Email to start the conversation.
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