The Police and Crime Commissioner Festus Akinbusoye thanks you for giving your time (estimated 3 minutes) to completing this survey.

It is essential that the Police and Crime Plan (that will run from 2021 to – 2024) has been reality tested with the communities, individuals and criminal justice partners across Bedfordshire that it is intended to support.

The research that has taken place so far includes reviews of:

·      Police data and existing police plans and risk assessments
·      Community Meetings, both public and Local Authority
·      Support Group Meetings
·      Community Safety plans with the Local Authorities
·      Victim Needs Analysis (including surveys and interviews with service users)
·      National direction; Policing Vision 2025/30 and HMICFRS State of Policing
·      Auditor reviews, both local and national
·      Health assessments

This research has then influenced the design of the topics and areas that are being tested with you through this survey. The full plan will then be launch in August 2021 after sign off with partners. The areas will be altered in line with the results of this survey. A plan by the people for the people.  
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