All patients/families at The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust are invited to vote for a member of staff or team who excelled at ‘seeing the person in the patient‘, delivering compassionate care and getting the things that really matter right. For example, recognising and responding to patients unique needs, taking time to listen, showing empathy, communicating with sensitivity and understanding, treating patients with utmost respect and dignity, offering choice and involving patients and families in decisions about care.

Please recognise the contribution of our staff by nominating them for the Compassionate Care Award. Any nominations received before 26 February 2018 will be counted towards the 2018 Staff Awards.

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* 4. Name of nominated individual or team name:

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* 6. Which hospital do they work for?

* 7. Which ward or department do they work for?

* 8. Please explain the  reason for your nomination and why you feel that this individual or team deserve this award.