Dear Trainee,

The PTC acknowledges a dearth of information available to trainees about Out Of Programme opportunities.(OOP)  In the current climate of inadequate recruitment and retention into psychiatry, it is felt that any way in which psychiatric training can be nourished is worthwhile. Therefore we are interested in producing information to inform psychiatry trainees about where they may find further information about OOP opportunities.


We would be grateful if you could complete the survey below  to allow us to gain further information about the types of opportunities for Out of Programme experiences that are available, so then all information gathered can be summarsied to distribute to trainees around the country. Even if you have not completed an OOP we would be grateful for your views.


Alongside this we will also be gathering information regarding experiences within Special Interest Sessions to again distribute this as inspiration to to both core and specialty trainees to use in the future.


Many Thanks


Dr Tara Walker

PTC Rep for West Midlands

33% of survey complete.