What are your top ten questions about psoriatic arthritis that you would like answered by research?

  • Do you or a member of your family have psoriatic arthritis?
  • Does someone you know have psoriatic arthritis?
  • Are you a healthcare professional who cares for people with psoriatic arthritis?
If yes, then this is a unique opportunity for you to have your say in psoriatic arthritis research! We are asking for your help to identify the top 10 unanswered questions you want psoriatic arthritis research to address.

The British Psoriatic Arthritis Consortium are running this priority setting partnership, with the James Lind Alliance to help to identify the key questions that patients, their family, carers and clinicians have about psoriatic arthritis.
It should take no more than 10 minutes to fill in. All of the information on this survey is anonymous and you will not be identifiable from what you have told us.
Please note, this is a UK funded exercise, your questions may only inform the research agenda in the UK.
What have we done so far?
In our first survey about psoriatic arthritis we asked “what do you think are the most important unanswered questions in psoriatic arthritis research?”. We have combined the responses of over 317 people into 46 summary questions, grouped into 8 themes below:

1.    Causes
2.   Diagnosis
3.   Effects of disease and treatment
4.   Psychological, financial and social factors
5.   Flares
6.   Treatment
7.   Covid-19
8.   Gender
Of the 46 summary questions, we need the Top Ten - it may be that most of the ones you feel are most important are in the same section, or alternatively they may be spread evenly across all 8 themes. The themes are listed in a random order.