The National Assembly for Wales’s Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee is a group of eight Assembly Members from across Wales who reflect the political makeup of the Assembly. Our job is to try and make sure that decisions made by the Welsh Government on things like climate change, the environment and rural affairs are in the best interests of Wales and its people

We are currently looking into the management of marine protected areas in Wales. Marine protected areas are parts of our seas which protect marine habitats and wildlife. They operate much in the same way as our National Parks. Carefully designed areas can boost the health of the marine environment, and help us identify pressures from things like sea activities and climate change.  

We want to know your views on caring for Welsh seas, how we can better protect them and how often you visit your local coastline and seas around Wales. We want to understand how you think we could better promote marine protected areas, and make best use of their benefits.  

Your views will help us put forward ideas to the Welsh Government on how we can best protect our marine environment now, so that the people of Wales can continue to enjoy our seas for generations to come. 

You can follow the work of the Committee or respond to our formal consultation on marine protected areas by visiting or follow us on Twitter @SeneddCCERA

The statistics we gather from this survey will only represent the views of those who responded, and not the public as a whole.
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