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There are over 50 MyBus branded school bus services in West Yorkshire for children at primary school age. Each service has a set of features unique to school bus services.

  • Low floor vehicles with seat-belts throughout
  • Regular drivers
  • Passenger register
  • On-bus escort (high capacity services only)

To use one of these services all children must be pre-registered by parents/carers completing this application form. As part of this application, children are registered to use a specific bus service to and from a nominated bus stop on nominated days of travel.

Drivers carry a register listing each child, which stop they use and on which days they travel. This is to ensure that all children are safely accounted for.

In turn, parents/carers must contact us to make any changes to their child’s journey as follows:

For the morning journey: no changes have to be notified. If you do not want to travel, simply don't turn up to the stop. To board at a different stop or to make an extra trip, just go to the stop of your choice and indicate clearly for the bus to stop. In turn, we will not contact any parent/carer if their child is a no show or uses a different bus stop to the one they are usually registered to. It is therefore vital that you are at your bus stop at least five minutes before the bus is due or else you will miss the bus.

For the afternoon journey: all changes must be notified in advance. So, if you wish to cancel a trip or make an extra one, or if you wish to alight at a different bus stop or if you want someone else to collect your child from the stop, then all of these changes must be notified. In turn, we will contact parents where we are aware of an anomaly such as a child no show. However, it is the parent/carer's full responsibility to notify of these changes in advance.

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