Police Precept 2019

As you may be aware I have consistently informed those in the highest position in our Government and the public in Bedfordshire that the level of funding and, therefore, police officers we have in Bedfordshire Police are far too low for the level and type of demand we face in protecting the public. The Chief Constable is operating with approximately 380 less officers than he needs. To address this balance, I am consulting with you to understand whether or not you would be prepared to contribute an extra £2 per month through your Council Tax to increase the number of officers the Chief Constable would have to police Bedfordshire and create further capacity in his ability to protect the public of Bedfordshire. I intend to fund recruitment of 160 officers in 2019/20 with these funds.  


Question Title

* 1. Would you be prepared to contribute a £2 per month on your Council Tax (£24 a year on a average Council Tax Band D).